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The Historical Origins Of Carousel Rides
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Say 1800 years of Europe, the small shopkeeper popular in the shop door pose rocking horse. Indeed, the origins of all dreams are simple. and mostly for money.

However, the wise man put the horse-chair up in a wooden frame and circled it to make them turn. Of course, the Trojan circle will not turn itself, then pull this big grinding, sometimes the real pony, sometimes incredibly real.

Thanks to the great Mr. Watt, the world has a steam engine. The Merry-go-round also began to be replaced with a steam engine to make a heart. The steam engine thundered out the white air and filled the surrounding, and the colorful Trojan also imitated the cloud in the clouds. It's a gorgeous scene.

That's probably why the merry-go-round is often associated with romantic elopement.

It's about 1860, and European immigrants are pouring into the North American continent. So the Americans were once again deeply touched by the gorgeous European culture, so that the entire American mainland carousel theme park everywhere, investment in the pioneer and profitability of the merry-go-round, about the equivalent of the 2003 Shanghai property market.