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Related Legends Of Carousel Rides
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Some people say that the merry-go-round is to witness two lovers love game, as long as two people who really love each other at the same time sitting on the merry-go-round, the Trojan will carry them to a perfect paradise, their love will last forever.

Some people say that love should be mutual, is 2 hand in hand through a lifetime of courage, the so-called love do not be afraid of suffering; I personally do not like the love of the merry-go-round, like a carousel, no matter how happy then, how sweet, he will always stop. Stop, what's left? Everyone walks alone on the way home, No one to accompany. Like an empty dream. Many people think that the merry-go-round ... It's a very happy game. ' The meaning of the merry-go-round is that the chase is an unreachable distance ... The people sitting in the wood immediately rotate round and around, can only see each other's backs, the distance so close, but how can not touch.