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Is The Children's Amusement Equipment Expensive?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The first is the site construction site, indoor children's paradise site is recommended to open in the community, supermarkets, shopping malls, kindergartens, street shops and other densely populated places. However, the county seat rent is certainly much cheaper than the urban area, the county rent about 20-30 yuan per month/flat, 200 square meters of indoor children's paradise monthly rent about 5000 yuan. Of course, the regional economic situation is different, so we have to according to their own local consumption level to calculate. Of course, if you use your own home to open indoor children's playground, then you do not have to consider the rent problem, is tantamount to saving a large amount of money.

decoration costs; The main body of indoor children's playground is children, so decorate style should accord with child's liking, can be the candy style that child likes, forest style, sea style etc. Color can be more vivid, so as to attract children. Then indoor children's paradise is to be hardcover or lite, this should be based on their own capital budget decoration. General renovation costs about 300 yuan/square meters. In other words, 200 square meters of indoor children's paradise, decoration costs about 560,000 yuan.

The purchase cost of amusement equipment; need to see indoor children's Paradise program configured in the situation, the design of the program more features, accessories more, the higher the price, so this is also involved in the price of an important factor. The specific cost is closely related to the investor's own needs and the configured items.