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How Weather Impact On Amusement Equipment In Park
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Temperature will inevitably affect the business of amusement equipment. In general, the carousel and some large-scale new amusement equipment will basically be placed outdoors. When the weather is hot, or when the weather is cold, it will inevitably occur in this or that way. Happening:


The hot summer season is a thunderstorm season. Many outdoor facilities have electrical components and the like. These must be well-prepared to prevent rain, so as to ensure that the core parts of the amusement equipment will not become wet during the rainy day. .


In the cold winter, the antifreeze of outdoor amusement equipment such as carousels must be done well. If the equipment is not well prepared for anti-freezing, it will inevitably appear to be frozen. As a result, the equipment crashes, if you do not do cold work, you must ride. The flow of people will be very few, so in the cold winter, the staff can not be taken lightly, it is necessary to do a good job of repairs, and unnecessary troubles occur.


Therefore, the impact of weather on various types of amusement equipment, outdoor play equipment and other children's play equipment is inevitable.


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