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How To Maintain The Merry Go Round Before Play It
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Children's play equipment is well-maintained and can extend the service life. Check each fastener carefully every day to see if it is loose; whether there are abnormalities in the looseness of various parts and welds, whether there is abnormal sound during operation, if there is any abnormality, stop immediately and find out the reason. Rolling bearings and gear pairs are filled with butter each month, and rolling bearings are added once a day. The site and the entire equipment should always be kept clean. If the glass fiber has accumulated dirt, use a soft cotton yarn and a little laundry detergent to clean it. Wipe the car with a car wax. The maintenance of the machine is generally once every six months; it is necessary to awaken the main drive part for cleaning, oil change, replacement of wearing parts, etc.; for the key parts, it is necessary to check whether the wear condition is serious, whether it is serious, whether there are cracks, open welding and other abnormalities; if there is Find. Must be corrected.


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