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Amusement Equipment Manufacturers To Teach You How To Safely Ride The Rides
- Jan 24, 2018 -

1, rides the large-scale amusement equipment before, inspects the equipment to check the conformity mark (the certificate is valid for one year), as well as is responsible for the equipment personnel to have the related proof. In the premise of ensuring safety, according to the corresponding warning signs, orderly ride, effective security protection. Prohibit the use of substandard signs of the cancellation of the car, and to the city quality and technical supervision complaints, supervision of rectification, to ensure the safety of recreational facilities.

2, when you decide to ride the rides, please read the "passenger notice" or "notice" and the relevant "warning signs." Passenger notices and warning signs will indicate who is unfit to ride. Children under 14 years old should not ride on roller coaster, pirate ship, Space Shuttle and other exciting recreational facilities.

3, during the ride, do not put the hands, arms, feet and other parts of the body out, do not untie the seatbelt or open the safety bar.

4, Ride the rotary and rolling amusement equipment, please keep glasses, cameras, bags, keys, mobile phones and other easily dropped items, not to carry when riding.

5, follow the direction of the staff, shun the car up and down, sit tight and grasp, do not randomly enter the quarantine zone.

6, in the event of an accident, do not panic or lose your temper, sitting in the original position to wait for rescue workers; do not unfasten your seatbelt or turn on the safety lever.

7, after the ride, please unplug the seat belt, and under the guidance of the staff, with the help of the safety lever to raise.