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Amusement Equipment Factory Tells You How To Plan A Good Theme Park
- Jan 24, 2018 -

1, the establishment of distinctive signs; amusement park operators take the interests as the primary purpose, do not pay too much attention to establish brand image, so the operator in the selection of equipment does not have any too many limitations; The theme park treats the profit and the brand construction equally, the request amusement equipment generally for the custom product, with own company theme Like commodities, if you want to impress customers, you have to give them undeniable reason to buy the selling point, so that they feel they have to buy it.

2, the creation of a unique theme, the theme park building, ancillary recreational facilities, landscape, road marking system, performance, activities, clothing, commodities and so on are related to the subject. Take the Disneyland as an example. The theme park cartoon story, by creating a dreamy fairy kingdom, let visitors "dream come true" space. Backstage of the Paradise Building created a cartoon story, there are many staff playing cartoon characters, and happy, warm, confident, optimistic atmosphere so that every customer feel like in the fairy tale world.

3, timely innovation, the positive significance of grasping the dynamic demand of tourists lies in grasping the key points of innovation and development, such as the satisfaction of tourists, the elements of value assessment and correcting deviations in time. The theme park should analyze the relevant information, grasp the dynamic change of tourist demand, create innovative products, update facilities and amusement equipment. According to statistics, in Tokyo Disneyland visitors have three-fourths repeat customers, this shows that theme park can extend their life cycle as far as possible innovative products and services, according to the target market demand changes.