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Why not recommend investors to buy used amusement equipment?
- Apr 30, 2018 -

With the rise of the amusement equipment industry, more and more customers are now investing in this industry. However, many customers do not understand the entire industry when they first started, and they always think of trying to get some cheap water first. As we all know, Any industry is second-hand goods cheap, so they will first look at second-hand equipment, many first-time investors will have this idea, can not deny that the purchase of used equipment does indeed save a lot of money in the early stage, but this Is the practice really good? The answer is no, the following will introduce to you the disadvantages of buying second-hand amusement equipment, not to mention politely, to buy second-hand estimates is to save money in the previous period, the later spent money will be more than the previous one to buy the money will be more This is not an exaggeration. The details are as follows.


The purchase of second-hand amusement equipment is indeed cheap, and it may be about 20% to 30% more expensive than new equipment. However, there is a problem. Is there any problem with this equipment? Will those who want to change hands not completely say it? There is a warranty problem, regular manufacturers generally have a warranty period for the equipment, but that is only for the purchase of customers, but if you change hands, then whether the manufacturers can continue to warranty is not easy to say, it is estimated that even To be able to warranty, but also charge a fee, after all, people who sign the contract have changed, manufacturers are not obliged to continue the warranty. Of course, the above is not the point. If there is a problem with bought used equipment, if the purchaser does not know the situation, if it is not maintained or directly operated, it will easily lead to safety problems. If the equipment is directly broken, it cannot be operated, and when it occurs, a safety accident occurs, causing casualties. Once this happens, it is not a simple device problem. How much money will be spent and what responsibility will it bear? This is not much to say.


Pre-purchase of used amusement equipment saves money, but later maintenance and repair are problems, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also out of maintenance funds, replacement parts also need their own money, plus the time of repairs, delays in making money, one to two to second-hand equipment Really save money? I believe we all can gully calculate a very clear account, of course, the main problem is still a matter of security, the provincial pre-cost, the latter are all fearful, for fear of when equipment problems, and what damage to the passengers, so Buying used equipment is not recommended. If the initial investment does not have the bottom, you can learn more about it, or choose some small equipment first, the price is not high, you can try it first, step by step, but do not consider choosing second hand, nothing The benefits, it is to save money, but on the whole, even if it is to buy second-hand not how to save money.