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Why different amusement factories have different price of the amusement products
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The price of amusement facilities is one of the issues that investors are most concerned about. The most frequently asked question for many investors when they come to consult with amusement parks is: How much money does the children's park invest in? The reason why the amusement equipment manufacturers analyze the difference in the price of amusement facilities is large.


To be honest, there is no practical reference to this question, and it is difficult to answer a numerical value. Because children's playground size, equipment configuration, decoration, market competition format, long-term development considerations, etc. are not clear, in order to have an accurate quote, or understand their own positioning and investment capabilities. The problem has come, many investors have shopped, learned some of the children's amusement equipment offer expensive, some offer cheaper? With the same equipment, why there are several different quotes? Next battery bumper car manufacturers to help you in detail Alas, what are the factors that affect the price of children's play equipment and what kind of children's play equipment should they choose?


Children's play equipment raw materials are different: The material of children's play equipment is divided into many kinds. At present, the common materials in the market are ABS, EVA, EPP, ABS, and so on. The price of each material is different, and the characteristics of each material are different. In general, environmental protection materials are more expensive than ordinary materials, and imported materials are more expensive than domestic materials, resulting in different quotes for the same equipment.


The production process of amusement equipment is different: Each plant has its own production process, each production process will have a difference, and the price of the product is also different. Taking the common naughty fort equipment as an example, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, some companies will add one or two layers of technology in the welding process at the joints; for example, at the sharp corners, some manufacturers will use soft sponges and other materials for wrapping. Prevent children from getting hurt. In general, the more sophisticated the process, the higher the details of children's play equipment, the higher the quote.


Amusement equipment has different internal configurations: The same kind of children's play equipment has different internal configurations. Such as self-controlled aircraft, luxury horses and other equipment, are composed of accessories, decorative appearance and other components, the more raw materials configured, the better, then the higher the price quoted. The area of children's amusement parks is different: In addition to the influence of materials, crafts, configuration and other factors, the area size is also one of the factors that affect the price of children's amusement equipment.


The product categories of play equipment are different: These are the factors that affect the price of the same kind of children's play equipment. In addition to these factors, there is of course one factor. Different children's amusement equipment offers different pricing methods and different prices. The so-called one-penny goods, of course, the more expensive children's play equipment, the more expensive. Then, when choosing a children's play equipment, should we choose the most expensive one? Actually, it is not necessarily. We choose the equipment that best suits our equipment on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment.


Based on the above factors, the general quotation is inaccurate in the internal configuration of children's play equipment that does not know the specific conditions and needs of the venue. Finally, we recommend that when choosing a supplier of children's play equipment, our customers should grasp the following points: They are not greedy for cheap: As the saying goes, “Cheap is not a good thing,dont just consider the price of cheapchildren's play equipment, and remember that children's play equipment The most important is the safety performance of the equipment, followed by the selection of a good brand. The risk of cheap product security is rather high, and it is a great obstacle to late operations.


Everyone wants to invest in a project that can bring us greater profits, choose the most suitable children's playground equipment, understand the price calculation method, buy the most suitable and most affordable children's play equipment. Children's play equipment from the design and planning must begin to think from the perspective of operations, so more to stand in the perspective of long-term operation and profitability, internal configuration and style design, to take the appropriate configuration of their own venues and equipment.