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What will be the future development of water amusement?
- May 27, 2018 -

With the continuous development of the national economy, the country’s strong support for tourism, peoples higher demand for leisure and entertainment, investment in water park projects will become more rational, and amusement equipment products will be more diversified, and the aquatic amusement industry will More mature and strong. This will lead the water amusement industry to gradually enter a new round of steady development. The development of the water park industry in the next five to ten years is worth paying attention to:


One of the trends is that the overall growth rate of the water park industry will surely be gradually reduced. Like the GDP growth rate, it will not be possible to maintain double-digit growth forever. The development of the industry will enter a new normal state of low-speed, sound, and healthy development.

The second trend is that the water park projects (such as the Chimelong Water Park) with similar scales and scales will be less and less, and small and medium-sized, professional and theme water parks will gradually become the main investment and construction, and the Focus Market will gradually form.


The third trend is that the consumer market in domestic first and second-tier cities will gradually become saturated, and new projects, especially large-scale projects, will gradually decrease. The demand for water parks by domestic third- and fourth-tier urban residents will gradually become the mainstream of the consumer regional market. The water amusement market will gradually become urbanized, miniaturized and personalized.

The fourth trend is that the original traditional, popular, and large-scale water parks are gradually losing their market competitiveness and attractiveness of consumption, and will gradually enter into all-round transformation such as equipment renewal, function positioning, amusement experience, and business model. The era of upgrading. At the same time, personalized, complex, theme-type water park will gradually become a highlight of investment and consumption, water park market will be more sub-divided, the industry will be more diverse, experience will be more personalized and exclusive.


The fifth trend is that the aquatic amusement industry will face new challenges and comprehensive industry reshuffling. Manufacturers with single varieties, simple properties, low quality, small scale, and extensive operation will gradually be professional and personalized. Composite, high-tech enterprise alternatives. Product features will gradually evolve from a single, simple to multi-functional integration and multi-experience superposition. Product quality will also be transformed and upgraded from low-end, extensive to sophisticated, and personalized quality. The market positioning is more regionalized and personalized, and will shift from the domestic market to the domestic and international markets. The water amusement companies will gradually enter the water park 2.0 era characterized by personalized customization and compound marketing.

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