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What is the advantages and disadvantages of imitation of novel amusement equipment?
- May 28, 2018 -

The existence of each industry has its own reason. At the beginning of the industry, it has been learned from each other and imitated. The amusement equipment industry is no exception. Since the sprouting of China's amusement equipment industry in the 1980s, it has been learned from imitating foreign products. Especially during the first period of design and production of each new type of amusement equipment, whether such a situation is actually beneficial or not:


First of all, it analyzes the "benefits" of the new amusement device borrowed from imitation. With the advent of a new product, how can we allow it to rapidly develop its influence among the general public? It is certainly inseparable from promotion. The reference and imitation of other manufacturers promoted the product to the maximum degree and speed. With the increase of manufacturers, the popularity and influence of the products were improved. For example, the new type of amusement equipment children's excavators that had just emerged last year, along with production The increase in manufacturers has increased the sales channels and market awareness, which is where their profits lie.


Then analyze the "disadvantages" of the new amusement devices borrowing from imitation. When a new product is imitated too much, it will speed up the market saturation, reduce its market value and profit. When the saturation increases and the market value and profit drop to a certain extent, it will prompt the product development to a recession period. Especially for the amusement equipment industry, the products will be replaced with new ones. The golden age of a new type of amusement equipment in the market may be only one or two years or even shorter. Excessive manufacturers' reference and imitation will prompt the products to enter the recession.


The advantages and disadvantages are mutual restraints and mutual influence. Where is the way out? I think that the new type of amusement equipment can be used to promote the development of products. However, learning and imitating at the same time is not the same as plagiarism, absorbing the advantages of other manufacturers and then innovating so that the products can better meet the needs of the market.