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What factors we should consider when the operation of amusement facilities?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The environment is a key part of the profitability of a playground. The environment has an important influence on the attraction of leisure and entertainment projects. The quality of a playground can change the atmosphere of the entire playground through the environment. Then what should be done to ensure the accident rate of amusement park 0 after these amusement facilities have changed their environment? The following is a brief introduction of Zhengzhou Black Lion Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.


1. Maintain the play order of amusement facilities and discourage visitors from leaving the security fence. 

2. The new type of amusement facility operation test run shall not be less than two times, and after all the checks are normal, it shall not start operating. 

3. On-job staff should be proficient in mastering the business knowledge and operating skills of this position. 

4. Declined tourists who do not meet the conditions for controlling the aircraft to participate in the entertainment activities. 

The combination of safety and environment plus new types of amusement facilities has made our business better and better.