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What are the factors that affect the sustainable development of amusement park equipment?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

1, the location of the park, proposed in the large shopping malls, business centers, supermarkets, large communities and other places to build children's Park. Popularity decides everything! A good location is one of the hardware indicators of sustainable park management. When choosing a park location, investors should evaluate the flow of people and the business prospects around them. But they also need to take into account relevant business, tax and fire-fighting procedures.

2, the choice of excellent manufacturers, according to the budget carefully selected amusement equipment, so that manufacturers provide site solutions and total quotations, and the production and installation cycle negotiations. Operators are advised to carry out on-site visits, if conditions permit, manufacturers may be provided by the manufacturer of equipment in safety and environmental conditions, thus fully enter the condition of the manufacturer's production capacity and after-sales service.

3, reasonable marketing, the development of reasonable promotional programs, through the promotion of park publicity, park ticket pricing (according to the actual situation of the second card, month card, year card), the establishment of membership files, cooperation with children related institutions, the use of marketing platform, line online promotion, etc.

4, park management, recruit suitable staff, give training, enhance responsibility. It is suggested that teachers who recruit children's teaching experience should be recruited so as to guide their children to play their normal role, and the activities can be increased by playing in the park.

5. In the short run, the park can attract children through the novelty of the equipment. The park must have the characteristics of long-term sustainable management. Therefore, the park operators need to innovate, and the difference between competitors is the key to long-term success.