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What are the characteristics of the new amusement equipment?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The first is the ability to motivate children. These new game devices can make them interesting, and actively operate and learn. Children are willing to actively observe and explore in the process of playing, and learn from the common sense of life through entertainment.

Star Trek Playground Equipment is a newly developed automatic aircraft-type amusement facilities, in this equipment, we can see the composition of video games, but also the composition of traditional amusement equipment, it put the video game and mechanical amusement equipment perfect combination, greatly increased the equipment's fun and interactive type. In the central axis, the whole surface of the electronic screen is installed, there are three of the default, there are options, and in each cockpit in front of the device has two guns, in the machine rotation, the ride can be shot to the electronic screen, the electronic screen can show the results of the shooter, quite fun.

The second is entertainment and education. Recreational devices that contain educational elements and entertainment are products that parents and children like. Parents want to see their children have fun, but they want to see children learn something from the game. The following picture is the world odd amusement new amusement equipment Durian Paradise customer case scene

Durian Paradise, a horse-like children's play facilities, a unique style of the equipment, fashionable, well received by the public's favorite, especially the Ladybug model, Ladybug Cockpit and the middle of the frog will be with the music rolling ups and downs, light colorful, children particularly like.

Third, the equipment should be suitable for children. If it's too hard, it can make a child feel frustrated, and if it's too simple, the child may find it boring. New children's age-appropriate entertainment will make them feel interesting and help them develop a positive personality.