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We can discuss how the future of indoor amusement park?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Indoor children's playgrounds are becoming more and more popular. During the holiday season, parents can take their children to the amusement park to play. Various indoor children's playgrounds show sufficient conditions. Through the franchise in the industry and general conditions, second-tier city parks charge fees. Not low, generally about 50 US dollars, climbing leisure facilities, is the love of children, as long as wearing a hard hat can go in, prohibiting adults inside.


For urban residents, winter will bring their children to travel. There aren so many children there, so the playground has become the preferred target. It will become the main reason for the promotion of the market. However, because the playground is mostly two or three to four. The five-year-old child has eliminated risks and has certain risks in the children's farce and tears, so management is a priority.


The reasons for the health conditions in the playground also constrained the development of the playground. Some parents said that the children parks health is worrying and said that there are too many playgrounds that need to be in contact with children every day. The disinfection facilities cannot keep up. The children have some Good habits, such as whether to put things into his mouth, so it is easy to cause children's diseases. So we must find a good brand to join.


However, from the perspective of capital, responsible people think that children's amusement parks are a new indoor project. In general, business models are relatively simple and easy to manage, and entertainment and education are more likely to be chased by capital. 


From the perspective of speaking, each child is active. The interaction between the game and the child can greatly improve the child's growth rate and intelligence level. The role of the playground is through scientific arrangements and the use of such mutual guidance, but Ability to better promote children's discovery and problem solving. From a more relaxed environment, exercise children's way of thinking.


In the future, with the steady improvement of the city level and the increase of the urban population, children's playgrounds will be a certain number of annual growth rates. From the management point of view, there will undoubtedly be good capital.