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Types and characteristics of new amusement equipment
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Briefly describe the types and characteristics of children's play equipment! With the continuous advancement of the society, the production technology of the children's play equipment industry is constantly innovating and developing, and there are more and more types. Let's let Xiaobian give you a brief description of the types and characteristics of downstream equipment.


1. Outdoor children's play equipment

This type of equipment is generally sporty, and each type of children's play equipment has a common ride. Parents must pay attention to the safety of the child while playing.

2, indoor children's play equipment

Indoor play equipment has been re-improved, smaller size, higher security, this is more suitable for smaller children to play.

3, turn horse amusement equipment

This kind of equipment can be rotated slightly, which is more suitable for some older children to play.

4, sliding class rides

This kind of facility mainly runs along the track and relies on a certain inertia. Such facilities include roller coasters, taxis and so on.