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Tips for operating recreational equipment to attract tourists
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The first is the seat, sitting forget the time; many people may overlook a detail, a big playground will be placed around the amusement equipment many seats, in the amusement park arrangements for these seats what role? They are more likely to retain customers. Building seats not only for visitors to get a break, they have been tired of playing, and this seemingly thoughtful measure also takes advantage of the psychological advantage. The seating setting is a sense of paralysis of time: When people are sitting down to play the game, the attention is focused on the game, people will accept less time to perceive, so they have less neural awareness, so they unconsciously play longer.

followed by color, red to make customers more excited; in the minds of many people, amusement park is a "entertainment", dazzling lighting is one of the factors to attract customers. Playing in a wonderful lighting environment makes people more enthusiastic. Most amusement parks use red, yellow, orange, and other warm colors to help with the main tones, while others use a soft light to create a warm atmosphere. Studies show that color is associated with emotional states, such as red for stimulation, and blue for comfort and safety. The amusement park usually uses the red or the yellow dazzling lamplight collocation, causes the people to be more excited, stimulates them to participate the enthusiasm, achieves stimulates the consumption the goal.

Then there is music: the rhythm is unforgettable, many people pass the playground, always hear the rhythm of the background music. Amusement park Music expresses the emotion is lets the people release the pressure and the emotion, thus attracts the customer. The playground uses the music to stimulate the player, will make the game desire to be bigger, to give the person the feeling of the excitement, the influence participates in the amusement.