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Three major things to pay attention to when investing an amusement park
- Jun 13, 2018 -

To invest in a playground, you should pay attention to three major issues: 1. Funds. 2. Site selection. 3. Security. These three items are indispensable!


1. In terms of capital, the investment playground has two major items in the fund project, namely the pre-fund and the later funds.

1. The initial investment funds are:

A, site rent, simple renovation costs. B. The cost of purchasing amusement equipment. C. Expenses for advertising, pre-opening tickets, membership cards, etc. D. Business license and related business procedures.

2. The funds invested in the later period are:

A. The usual sanitation cleaning costs, if the scale is small, you can clean it yourself, and find the NPC once a week or regularly. B. The usual equipment maintenance costs, the general supplier will provide a free maintenance fee for a certain period of time, pay attention to sign the purchase and service contract when purchasing, otherwise the manufacturer can not accept the account. C. The increase in the cost of new amusement equipment in the later period, as the operation improves, it is necessary to continuously update the new equipment. If there is no freshness, the passenger flow will be less and less. D, water and electricity, fire, equipment maintenance, etc., if the funds are sufficient, you can install the camera in the field, which is convenient for management, and can effectively prevent theft.


Second, on the site selection, doing business, the location must be important; then to integrate the flow of people, people's spending power, etc.; children, young people to play, in addition to some parks, large playgrounds have large amusement equipment, generally still Mainly for small and medium-sized amusement equipment, like some naughty castles, carousels, water amusement equipment. Children's amusement parks are suitable for people living in communities, shopping malls, shopping malls or densely populated areas.

1. Site selection considerations: A, people flow B, land price c, government policy D, surrounding environment E, citizens need F, peer competition G, it is important to locate and combine the actual flow and consumption level of local people according to your funds. Theme parks, children's playgrounds, leisure and entertainment venues for citizens.


Third, safety, the funds are tight, security issues should be seriously considered, and must not cut corners, otherwise in the event of casualties, even the punishment plus compensation can make the operators ruin.

1. Qualified amusement equipment must be used, and relevant maintenance and regular inspections must be carried out. A. The amusement facilities must comply with the safety standards for amusement machines and amusement facilities and the quality supervision and safety supervision of special equipment. Acceptance inspections and periodic inspections are carried out by state or provincial accredited inspection and inspection agencies. It is strictly forbidden to use amusement machines and rides that are being overhauled, inspected, are out of service, or have not been registered by the quality and technical supervision department. B. Operation, management and maintenance personnel should undergo strict training and assessment, and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the competent department of quality and technical supervision. C. Before the amusement facilities are put into use, they should be registered with the quality and technical supervision administrative department at or above the municipal level.