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The welding requirements for the factories of the amusement machine
- Apr 11, 2018 -

When workers start to manufacture amusement equipment, the welding process design is very important for the safety of the kids rides. This requires strict requirements on the welding process. The welding process has certain principles and techniques. Only having a sufficiently high welding process technology can produce safer and better amusement equipment.


For the welding process design technology, the “mastersof space amusement have their own unique views. According to the experience of many years, summarizing the general considerations in addition to some welding process design techniques: 

1. The design of welds must comply with the principle of "equal strength", that is, the strength index of the weld must be greater than or equal to the strength of the base metal; the selection of the filler material in the weld, the formulation of the welding process and the heat treatment process, and the quality control of the weld The structural design and stress control of the joints of the weld joints shall ensure that the carrying capacity of the weld joints and the heat-affected zone is not lower than that of the parent metal.

2. In butt welds with variations in the thickness or width of steel plates, slopes not greater than 1:4 shall be provided on one or both sides of the plate.

3. Where fillet welds are subjected to dynamic loads, full penetration structures shall be used.

4. When the welding is not perpendicular to each other and the fillet weld is used, the angle between the two components should not be less than 60°.


Second, for the production of amusement equipment, must ensure high quality, for each device produced will be a comprehensive inspection of the quality inspection department, space recreation also has its own standards and requirements:

1. The surface of the weld should be free of defects such as missing welds, cracks,  unexposed, unfilled, craters, severe undercuts, and visible pores, inclusions, etc.;

2. The weld and parent material should be rounded;

3. All welding slags and welds should be removed.

As a company that has been playing in the amusement equipment industry for so many years, the space game is ranked first in the industry with its unique safety inspection standards and strict work management standards, and has won praise and trust from numerous domestic and foreign customers. "High-quality equipment and humanized service" has always been the principle of adhering to the unchanging principles of space rides. Welcome to the space tour at any time.