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The way to clean the amusement park rides
- Apr 01, 2018 -

Now playing in the playground is very concerned about the health of small amusement equipment, so be sure to be careful when cleaning, if the cleaning is not clean, it will give the user a bad impression, so that the user first time when playing first It is not here that comes to mind. So today, I will give you a brief introduction to the various different kinds of cleaning methods for small amusement equipment.


1. Plastic and glass fiber can be soaked with soapy water, disinfecting washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., and then soaked with a soft cloth or soft brush, then rinsed with water, then wipe dry with a clean cloth or dried, and finally with 84 disinfectant Disinfect.


2, soft sponge part can be scrubbed with a soft cloth, soapy water, or exposure to sunlight sterilization; heat, moisture, do not fade the wooden part, can be washed with soapy water after drying, and then disinfectant for disinfection.


3, the metal part can be used to brush floating embroidered brush, and then wipe with a dry cloth, spray paint after the sun can be sprayed again, until dry again spray, play a protective role, so the paint is dry and then cleaned, dried ,disinfection.


4, the electrical part of the circuit must pay attention to clean power, do not wash directly with water, generally scrubbed with a damp cloth, until dry and then connected to the power supply.


5, if it is an indoor playground, the ground, walls, etc., with ultraviolet radiation daily disinfection, indoor ventilation should be often. Disinfect once a week with hydrogen peroxide. In order to ensure children's health and safety, amusement equipment operators must not be lazy. Moreover, a good play environment will make visitors feel very comfortable and relaxed. When they next want to play, they will think of us for the first time.


So, when we are cleaning small amusement devices, we have to be very careful and give our users a good impression, so that users will want to play next time.