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The spurt growth of the entertainment industry has led to a shortage of talent in the industry
- Jun 08, 2018 -

How to look at the shortage of talent in the industry, see the title, many readers think that talent shortage, is the industry talent is not enough or what? In fact, it is because the development of this industry is too fast. The speed of filling talents cannot keep up with the speed of development of the industry. For example, look for an engineer. The older generation of engineers are there, but the ability to develop and innovate can't keep up. The recent graduates who graduated from the university have the ability to develop and innovate, but lack the production tracking situation. Many companies have different views on cultivating fresh graduates. The length of the training period may vary, and the frequency of recent graduates' job hopping is also high. Many companies are now afraid of cultivating a college student. In fact, they have trained an engineer for other companies. So in this case, the company must be willing to work hard to retain this potential stock.