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The Future and Aim of Zhengzhou Amusement Equipment Products
- Apr 02, 2018 -

China's amusement equipment manufacturers are mainly located in Guangzhou, Hebei, Henan and other places. Among them, Henan's amusement equipment can be said to be half of the country's total. Among them, Henan Xingyang and Shangjie are the main production bases. Xiangyang is also known as the hometown of machinery. Reputation, the product mainly in high-end products.


Guangzhou is mainly good at video game products and high-end amusement equipment products. The market for overseas equipment exports is relatively high. The appearance and quality of products are good, but the price is relatively high.


Henan's products mainly include mechanical products and inflatable products, inflated slide castles, inflatable slides, medium- and high-end turntables, aircrafts, trains, bumper cars, etc. The products are high-end products, which are slightly higher than Guangzhou's workmanship and quality. However, due to quality assurance and relatively affordable prices, Henan's products have a very high market share in the country and a large customer base. Most of the medium- and low-end devices are from Henan.


In recent years, the amusement equipment industry in Henan has developed rapidly. There are dozens of companies appear every year. The majority of Henan's amusement equipment products are mainly mid- to high-end. In the past two years, Henan's inflatable products have become more and more powerful, occupying most of the inflatable market. Henan's roundabouts, rail trains, rotary planes, and bumper cars are popular with most small and medium-sized amusement parks across the country because of their relatively cheap prices. However, it is undeniable that with the gradual rise of the amusement equipment industry, more and more people in Xinggyang have joined the amusement equipment manufacturing industry. Everyone competes with each other and drives down the price competition market. Invisibly, many manufacturers choose quality in order to ensure profits. The original materials, cutting corners and other phenomena appeared, and therefore gave the investors a feeling of bad products in Henan.


Zhengzhou Black Lion Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd feels that if Henan's manufacturing industry wants to win long-term development, the amusement equipment industry must upgrade, build the brand of Henan amusement equipment, increase the added value of products, and enhance the image of Henan amusement equipment. In recent years, Henan's amusement equipment will change greatly, more professional companies will emerge, some high-quality amusement equipment companies will emerge, and they will continue to innovate products gradually, from imitating to developing themselves and catching up with Guangdong. Slowly, many people are willing to go the higher end of the line, do higher-end products, and develop their own brands. Zhengzhou Space Play reminds you to purchase amusement equipment must choose regular factory order, in order to ensure the workmanship and quality of the equipment.