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The development trend of Children's amusement equipment
- May 23, 2018 -

Nowadays, there are a lot of amusement equipment. The development of amusement equipment is very fast. What direction is the development of amusement equipment? The following is our manufacturer of game consoles to discuss this issue with you. 1126.jpg

1. Landscaping will be the theme of amusement park theme park The theme of the logical relationship, elements, etc., into a material, visual, visual, and visual impact. Culture is the connotation of the landscape. Landscape is the carrier of culture. Through the landscape, visitors can feel the theme of amusement culture that the theme amusement park wants to express. 

2. Experientialization refers to transforming the intrinsic knowledge, entertainment, and culture of the theme culture into a process, so that tourists in this process will have a cognition and resonance of the value and connotation of the culture. 

3. The interactive modes mainly include social and human interaction, recreational interaction, amusement interaction, experience interaction, interaction between staff and tourists, and interaction between entertainers and tourists. The interactive arrangement makes people feel great in their sense of participation and experience. Visitors can enjoy the theme of amusement in mind when they visit scenic spots, travel through history, experience folk customs, and experience the atmosphere of amusement. upgrade.

1037.jpg 4. Recreationalization slows down the process of recreation and forms a kind of slow-paced consumption process. Such as massage rooms, beer bars, and tea ceremony performances set out in amusement parks set in the theme parks, these leisure projects allow tourists to enjoy high-end products with cultural connotations during the rush of sightseeing. 

5, props commercialization, the characteristics of the markers, mascots can be converted into props, souvenirs, etc. can be sold, this approach is called props commercialization. The commercialization of props enhances the participation and amusement of the theme parks. At the same time, it can also extend the experience of tourists and lengthen the tourist chain. 

6. Entertainment does not exist in a dynamic and dynamic manner, but mainly in the form of performing arts activities, including automated light and shadow performances, individual/group performances, and simplified comprehensive performing arts, such as mechanical watches, human sculptures, and small scales. Fireworks show. At the present stage, more and more performance modes, techniques and means of performing arts activities have already broken through the stage restrictions and formed a modern interactive high-tech innovative performing arts model.

1075.jpg 7. Dynamic art is a method of expressing dynamic feelings, and it is also a kind of expression technique of traditional static art. It not only emphasizes a dynamic form, but also emphasizes the interaction of participants, the manifestation of the activity process itself and the participants' subjective feelings. The dynamic art in the theme amusement park mainly refers to the dynamics of static landscapes and the interaction of dynamic recreation. 

8. Amusement is the process of making theme parks a tourist to get experience and experience in their activities, sports, and dynamics. The theme amusement park is a scenic spot that is won by science and technology. The amusement must first have a large number of amusement equipment, and the second is the introduction of high technology. The theme culture will be displayed using three-dimensional imaging technology, holographic projection technology, etc., through the design of the environment, scene, and mood. Allowing visitors to experience an unusually magical experience that ultimately integrates with the theme culture.