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The amusement park is loved by children but the health and safety are worrying
- May 26, 2018 -

At present, many large-scale shopping malls and plazas in the city have provided sites for children to enjoy, including trampolines, marine ball pools, cassia sand pools, inflatable castles, water amusements, small trains, carousels, and so on. project. Parents took their children to the mall. Not only did the children have fun and the adults could also go shopping. Therefore, taking the kids to the mall square in front of the weekend to play and play facilities became the choice of many parents.


Last weekend, Ms. Peng took her children to a bouncy castle in front of a shopping mall in the city. Because it was a weekend, the inflatable castle was overcrowded. However, as long as the money was paid, the children could enter and play without limit the number of people. Ms. Peng's 3-year-old son only went in less than a minute and was hit by a kid who slipped off the inflatable slide into the nose, and was immediately bleeding. "As early as I knew, I wouldn't bring my child to play." Talking about the child's experience, Ms Peng regretted it. Coincidentally, many parents have had similar experiences with children playing at these amusement facilities, either because the child was accidentally injured by bruises, bruises, or stabbed by foreign objects that are hard to find; or because of hygiene problems that cause skin allergies or infections. Cause diarrhea, colds, hand, foot and mouth disease.


For this reason, the author visited a number of shopping malls and children's amusement parks in the city and found that the health, safety, and access standards of different playgrounds are uneven, and indeed many hidden health and safety hazards are hidden. Last weekend, the author saw in the visit that a lot of children played inside a cassia schnauzer pool while parents were sitting on the outside of the sand pool and playing with mobile phones. "Children playing with children, we play with us, and we have more peace of mind with our children playing in the amusement park." Many parents said that due to the distance, transportation and weather, the children's outdoor activities are relatively short. However, it is very convenient to go to children's playgrounds, so the frequency is high. Even many children go to the playground at least once a week, and the playing time is usually over one hour.


For the safety and hygiene hidden troubles of children's playgrounds, people in the industry believe that the primary reason is the lack of standards. At present, large-scale amusement facilities have national safety standards, and there is no standard for small-scale children's play facilities, whether it is service or facility safety. There are no relevant safety regulations for indoor children's playgrounds such as supermarkets and stores.


It is understood that these children's indoor playgrounds are mostly independent business units for rental shopping malls, and there are no mandatory health standards. This means that the disinfection, cleaning and hygiene practices of amusement facilities are generally the operators who have the final say for themselves. Since indoor playgrounds have not yet been included in the scope of supervision, once consumers encounter problems, because the Consumer Association does not have a law enforcement basis, it is difficult to handle in many cases.

Dr. Jiang from the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in the city suggested that “The incidence of HFMD and other diseases is getting higher and higher now. If the playground is not properly sterilized, children may cross infection here. Therefore, parents are best. Try to bring as little children as possible to these places."


In addition, many citizens have also called for the first time to improve the safety standards for children's playgrounds. It is recommended that the quality and technical supervision departments formulate general product safety rules for small-scale children's amusement facilities, set basic safety requirements for recreational facilities for children of different ages, specify specific norms, and second, strengthen the supervision of safety and services for children's playgrounds. It is recommended that the health and disease control department and the safety production supervision department regularly check the health conditions of the children's playgrounds and the safety conditions of the facilities.

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