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Teach you how to buy amusement equipment
- Jun 05, 2018 -

For many theme parks, amusement devices are like the "tortures" of theme parks. There is even a saying that investing in an outdoor theme park, about 40% of the money spent on buying amusement equipment, and for light theme packaging For parks, this ratio may be even higher. Especially for large-scale amusement equipment, the price of a set is a few million or even tens of millions. ”


Since the investment in amusement equipment is so huge and it occupies an important proportion of investment, what amusement equipment should be purchased for a theme park for new investment and construction? How to choose amusement equipment? In the end, what factors determine whether the project is the top ten roller coaster, the Ferris wheel, or the carousel... From the many theme park projects in China, the following list of factors will be considered when determining the list of amusement equipment purchases. factor:


One is the price factor.

It is the so-called food. What amusement equipment will be purchased for a project, the biggest influencing factor should be on the project investor's project investment and amusement equipment purchase budget. An amusement park that invests 30 million yuan will definitely not be able to spend millions or even tens of millions to buy a large-scale amusement device. The purchase budget of the equipment determines that the theme park cannot be used as it wishes, and what devices it wants to put on will be equipment. Therefore, due to budget restrictions on amusement equipment, the price factor of the equipment will be taken into consideration. Because the project must be guaranteed within the budget, purchase equipment that can meet the park's needs.


The second influencing factor is equipment manufacturers.

Amusement equipment is to give people the experience to play. Now the developers of the Paradise project generally have a strong sense of safety, so when purchasing amusement equipment, they will pay attention to the equipment manufacturers brand. Under normal circumstances, a project will learn and screen amusement equipment manufacturers through various channels before purchasing amusement equipment. Finally, it will cooperate with one or two amusement equipment manufacturers to determine the purchase list. In general, an amusement equipment manufacturer cannot be "all-powerful" and what it has to have. Then the project investors can only select the equipment they want in their park in the "equipment list" provided by the selected amusement equipment manufacturers. This, to a certain extent, limits the possibilities of equipment selection. You may be able to say that I can choose more than ten equipment manufacturers to buy a set of roller coasters in A, buy a big pendulum in B, and then buy double-layer horses in C, and buy them in Ding... ... This is theoretically feasible, but in fact few people will do it. Because, first of all, there are a series of things after equipment purchase, such as transportation, installation, inspection and post-mortem maintenance, etc., which will cause all costs and costs to rise. Unless the amusement park developers are not bad, they have the ability to coordinate and coordinate so many amusement equipment suppliers.


The third influencing factor is the preferences of policy makers.

The decision-maker's own past experience, knowledge and understanding of amusement devices, and the preferences of decision-makers, etc., will all influence the decision-making of amusement equipment selection more or less. Selecting a device and not selecting a device, or removing a device from the device's purchase list, may sometimes have no more reason, but only the perception of the decision maker. For example, if the amusement device purchase decision maker of a paradise project is itself a father or mother, and the family has a teenage child, then he or she is more likely to prefer to buy more children's playground equipment; one never dares to play. Roller coaster decision makers may feel that the roller coaster is too stimulating, preferring to replace the roller coaster with a Ferris wheel, and so on. Of course, this may be absolute, and some policymakers who have never played a roller coaster will think that roller coasters are a market. Many people are willing to play and decide to buy a roller coaster instead of a Ferris wheel. But anyway, a person's decision will receive his past knowledge, experience, knowledge, perception of certain things and understanding of other factors. The purchase of amusement equipment for many projects is not a single person's decision, but a common judgment of a team or many people. 


The fourth factor is the positioning and market of the project.

From a professional point of view, this should be the biggest or even the most decisive factor, but this factor is often ignored or ignored. The positioning of a paradise project determines the “identity status” of this park, whether it is a local small-scale amusement park, a large-scale amusement park for national tourists, or a specific group (such as children and children aged 3-14). Paradise... Different positioning determines which kind of amusement equipment to match. The preferences of the core target customers and the differentiation of similar projects in the target market are the key considerations in the selection of project equipment. Therefore, the selection of amusement equipment is not like the purchase of general supplies, because such amusement equipment is a very unique “experimental tool” and the only thing that really matters is tourists. High security, tourists like it, equipment that is lined up and playing is the equipment that a successful paradise project will purchase. However, it is often difficult to know exactly what amusement equipment is “tourist likes, queuing and playing”. Therefore, it is also a source of confusion for many amusement park investors.