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Requirements for safety bundling equipment for amusement equipment
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Bundled equipment: should be reliable, comfortable, and directly contact with the parts have the right flexibility. The design of bundled equipment should be able to avoid a person on the part of a pinch or compression injury, should be easy to adjust, convenient operation.

Seat belts: Can be used alone for slight shaking or slowing down, without flipping out the risk of not being thrown out of the equipment, the use of seat belts should usually be equipped with auxiliary handles. For sports-intensive equipment, seat belts can be used as auxiliary bundling devices.

Safety Bumper: When the amusement equipment is running, may cause the person to be thrown out of the risk, it is necessary to set the appropriate type of security bumper, the safety of the bar itself is necessary to meet the strength and locking force, to ensure that visitors are not thrown out or fall, and in the equipment before the suspension of the operation has always been in a stable state.