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Read carefully the note before you take a ride
- Apr 29, 2018 -

Riding amusement equipment is an entertainment program that many people like to participate in. However, everyone likes to play different types. Fortunately, the entire amusement industry has more types of equipment, which can basically meet people's needs, but no matter what kind of equipment they want to experience. Before riding, it is best to take a look at the ride information, because there are certain restrictions on the ride of many devices, such as age, height, weight, etc., as well as the body has individual diseases, such as heart disease, fear of heights and the like , these are to pay attention to, if you do not look at the ride information, go directly to experience, it is prone to problems, ranging from dizziness, heavy accidents occur.


Some of the operating ranges are not very large. The equipment with low stimulation level is fine. Most of them are acceptable, and the age range is relatively wide. Even if these equipment are not used for riding, the problem will not be too big. If it is a device with a relatively high degree of stimulation, we must pay attention to, for example, roller coasters, high-altitude flying, or bungee jumping and other types of equipment, a high degree of stimulation, if the mental capacity is not good or have a heart disease and the like Disease, then it is not able to ride, there are some restrictions on weight and height, if you do not meet the standards or exceed the standard, it is also very easy to go wrong, after all, these are linked with the safety of life, do not easily challenge the limit It is responsible for the safety of one's own life.


Therefore, before taking a ride, it is necessary to read the ride instructions. It is best to look after the managers after the show to see if they can take the ride and be sure to make a final decision, even if they can reach the standard of travel. It is necessary to look at the necessary precautions. Do not cause unnecessary troubles because of mistakes after going up. After all, most of the equipment have certain safety risks. They must be operated in accordance with the regulations, go out for entertainment, be happy, but safety is The first place, so the ride instructions must be known before boarding. Do not feel troubled and save this link. It will be too late to wait until things are regretted. After all, it will take a long time to understand the delays and be responsible to others.