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Rain and snow days have a great influence on the operation of amusement facilities
- Apr 20, 2018 -

There are many kinds of amusement facilities, many of which are outdoor, especially some large ones. The impact of rain and snow on the operation of such equipment is very large. In general, large-scale outdoor equipment is a mechanical type of equipment, once it is snowing. If it rains, then it is best not to operate the equipment. It is better to keep it in a static state, and it must be protected to avoid damage to the equipment due to the weather. Many amusement facilities are protected from rain and snow. There is a problem, so we must pay attention to this point. Please see below for details.


Outdoor play facilities are basically open air, if you encounter rain and snow, the entire equipment will be subject to rain and snow erosion, rainy days is fine, as long as the overall protection of the circuit is basically no problem, but if it is snowing It is not so easy. Little snow is not a big problem, but in the case of heavy snow, it is best to clear the snow on the equipment in time. If snow is allowed to cover it, it will cause problems and the entire paint surface. It is also very influential, especially where the various components converge, and if it is not cleaned up in time, when the snow melts, it will infiltrate, which will cause mechanical components to rust and affect the life of the entire equipment.


It is best not to run rides in rain or snow. The first is that the equipment itself is not good. In some places, the equipment cannot enter the water. Once it is in operation, the internal structure is more likely to be eroded by rain and snow. The second is the circuit. Once it is conductive, For tourists, it is also a very dangerous thing. It is easy to have safety accidents. No matter what the situation is, it is not recommended to run open-air amusement facilities in rain and snow, but also to make appropriate protection, to avoid the subsequent equipment problem appear. If you do not understand anything about the relevant issues, you can call the company and we will be happy to help you.