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Pay attention to grasp the skills of anti-electrical fire protection and electricity safety during the process of operating a playground.
- May 19, 2018 -

When dealing with amusement equipment venues, be sure to follow the instructions for the maintenance and maintenance of the game machine manufacturers. For electricity safety measures must be prepared to prevent.


1. In order to ensure the safety of playground electricity, mobile electric devices such as floor fans and hand drills must be installed with leakage protection switches. Leakage protection switch should be checked frequently, and the trial jump no less than once a month, and if there is a failure, it should be replaced immediately. After the fuse is blown or the leakage protection switch trips, find out the reason and rectify the fault before troubleshooting. 

2. Do not replace the fuse with copper wire, aluminum wire or iron wire. The air switch should be replaced immediately after it is damaged. The size of the fuse and air switch must be matched with the capacity. Otherwise it may cause electric shock or electrical fire. 

3. The metal housing of the power equipment must be reliably connected with the protection wire. The single-phase power should be connected with the three-core cable, and the three-phase power should be connected with the four-core cable. Protection is reliably connected to the protected neutral or grounded device of the low-voltage network. The protective neutral must be grounded repeatedly.

1336.jpg4, the cable or wire of the mouth or broken place should be wrapped with electrical tape, can not be replaced with medical tape, but can not be wrapped with nylon paper. Do not use a cord to plug directly into the socket to use electricity. 

5. When the appliance is turned on and it is found to be emitting smoke, burning char or flaming, it is necessary to cut off the power immediately. Never use water or a foam fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. 

6. Do not touch the lamp, switches, plugs and sockets, and electrical appliances with wet hands. When switches, sockets or electrical appliances are damaged or the housing is damaged, they should be promptly repaired or replaced. They cannot be used without repair. 1346.jpg

7. The wires in the factory can't be connected in a random manner, and it is forbidden to use multiple spurs and old wires to prevent electric shock. 

8. Electric appliances such as electric stoves and electric irons shall not be placed directly on the wooden board or near flammable materials. After the use of electric appliances without automatic control, the electric power must be turned off to prevent fire. 

9. Electric devices for amusement devices in amusement parks, such as floor-mounted fans, hand-held grinders, hand drills and other electric tools, must be installed and used to protect against leakage.