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Outdoor amusement equipment must be well protected from rain in summer
- May 07, 2018 -

The summer rain is fine and the rainfall is small, but it is still the rainy season. In general, due to weather conditions, especially on rainy days, the flow of outdoor amusement equipment will be reduced. At the same time, amusement equipment will also be damaged due to rain. Let’s first understand that after the rain has passed, the amusement equipment will have Impact:


 1. If the motor of the outdoor amusement device is wet with rain, the motor cannot be used, and the amusement device cannot start at the same time.

 2. We need to add a lot of lubricating oil to the bearing of the equipment. These lubricating oils can make the new entertainment equipment run smoothly, but if it gets wet by rain, it will cause the lubricating oil to fail.

3. Long time of rain soaking may cause water corrosion of outdoor play equipment, leading to equipment rust.


So, if amusement equipment is wet by rain, it must be treated in a timely manner:

1. If the children's play equipment is wet by rain, drain the water from the children's play equipment and dry them to avoid water erosion of the children's play equipment;

2. Check the various parts of the children's play equipment to ensure that it is normal, and then we can re-run the children's play equipment.

Remind the majority of amusement park investment operators that if they discover that children's entertainment facilities are wet by rain, they must promptly handle the above matters. Only by doing the above-mentioned processing methods can the performance and quality of children's entertainment facilities be guaranteed, and there will be no safety problems due to rain.