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Innovation is the main direction of development of new amusement equipment
- Apr 12, 2018 -

New amusement equipment is currently a popular vocabulary in the amusement equipment industry. Every person who wants to invest in amusement equipment first thinks of new models. Because innovation is the market of my country, the term of new amusement equipment deserves to be a popular product sought after by everyone. Every amusement equipment manufacturer who does not follow the road of innovation when researching and developing equipment, blindly imitating and plagiarizing will inevitably be eliminated by this high-speed development equipment, and will inevitably be discarded by consumers because the same equipment if the passenger door After losing one interest, I lost interest and I would play it a second time. Of course, there are exceptions, such as traditional equipment, horses, bumper cars, and flying chairs. These are the equipment that people have been pursuing without being eliminated.


But so many years of experience summaries, only these devices have not been eliminated, other products for the players and did not do the classic, not much attraction, the same product if each playground is similar, then The competition will inevitably increase. Of course, profits will inevitably shrink. Playground management will only decline. Of course, if non-innovative amusement equipment manufacturers have always operated such businesses without developing new types of amusement equipment, they will certainly be eliminated by consumers. It will be a tragedy.


Therefore, innovation is a general direction. Whether amusement equipment manufacturers are developing equipment or amusement park operators choose equipment, they must abide by this point.