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How to prevent the occurrence of amusement equipment accidents effectively?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The use of amusement equipment is to ensure that the most important and final play equipment safety, in the use of recreational equipment, due to improper operation, self-test or incomplete, maintenance and maintenance of improper amusement equipment failure or accident examples are not uncommon. How to effectively prevent the occurrence of amusement equipment accidents has become the rapid development of the amusement industry at the time of the urgent need to ensure the safety of passengers, the common effective means of prevention of recreational accidents are mainly as follows:

First of all, we must establish an effective management system for the operation of recreational facilities, especially the duties of staff and managers. Secondly, to recruit and train responsible staff and safety management personnel, the staff should have normal operation ability, fault detection ability and emergency handling ability. Third, when the amusement facilities run, the staff should do a good job inspection (especially the safety device to confirm each), closely observe the operation of the equipment, found that the problem immediately stop the operation of the equipment. Finally, in strict accordance with the safety management system documents and equipment use instructions, do a good job of daily self-test and maintenance of equipment.

The "Playground and amusement Park Safety Practice Guide", issued by the Executive Board of Occupational Safety and Health in the UK, states: "Even if the amusement facilities exist defects and problems, as long as the use of units in a timely and effective self-test and maintenance, as well as good operation management, can be found in a timely manner dangerous and stop the operation of equipment, and ultimately avoid accidents. Of course, if for those high-risk complex amusement equipment, can establish the computer software and local network system of operation monitoring and management system, will eliminate the accident risk caused by human factors, greatly enhance the safe operation of amusement equipment management level.