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How to install a large merry go round?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The earliest recorded large carousel has appeared in the Byzantine Empire. The first large carousel driven by steam, appeared in Europe in 1860. Now you can still see all kinds of large carousels in various games and shopping malls. In the paid theme park, there is a large carousel in the free leisure park, which is commonly known as “turning aroundand is driven by manpower.


How to install a large carousel?

One: Place the base horizontally in the center of the field, and the wire outlet is placed against the position of the electric control box you set.

Second: Connect the large plate with the tire to the base according to the corresponding number, and then install the fan-shaped large plate according to the number to ensure that all the screw connections are securely fastened.


Three: Install the chain to ensure that the card is installed in place.

Four: Place the center pole in the center of the base, tighten the screws, then install the umbrella stand on the top of the center pole, attach the triangle umbrella stand to the pole stand, and connect the outer arc link to the straight line. The rod is installed in the middle of the triangular umbrella frame, and then the umbrella cloth is stretched and the belt is fastened.

Five: Install the eight umbrella stand ejector pins between the triangular umbrella stand and the large plate, and tighten the screws.


6. Install the carbon brush plate on the fixing bracket on the side of the conductive ring (the middle of the base), press the carbon brush, connect the screw of the motor wire on the carbon brush holder, and connect the wire head under the base to the electric control box. Connect the main power cable to the main switch on the terminal under the motor connector. Check that all connectors must be tightened, no looseness, and eliminate potential hazards. The power can be started when the power is turned on (the two-phase power supply voltage cannot be lower than 180V).

Seven: After the normal start, the horse can be mounted on the horse shaft, and then the horse is installed on the outer periphery. The pony is installed on the inner ring. After adjusting the angle, tighten the screw, and the installation work is basically finished.