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How to Choose Amusement Carousel Ride
- Mar 05, 2018 -

We choose to transfer the horse to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, Carousel Horse is a non-irritating rides, it relies mainly on the beautiful appearance, colorful lighting and attractive music, so the overall shape of the horse is very important. No matter how interesting a product is, as long as the appearance can not be attractive in the first place, it is impossible to bring customers to itself. On the contrary, as long as the product can attract customers in the first place and give the customers a good impression, he may Become your regulars, and turn the horse shape is very important, we must do for the first time customers do have the second and third times, so as to stabilize the source, which requires the transformation of horse modeling varied, and each shape There must be moral, each made of a shape of the Trojan will give customers a hint, that he will be sitting in the Trojans will bring him what kind of good fortune, so that everyone is even for the auspicious, will ride you again Merry-go-round


2, electrical accessories are qualified. If the electrical parts is not a formal factory production, all aspects of the indicators fail to go out of the question, even if not to mention the loss, which will also affect the operator to a certain extent business. At the same time check the various parts of the warranty period, the regular manufacturer's warranty period of six months, parts warranty period determines the manufacturer's warranty period, if the manufacturer's warranty period is higher than the warranty period of accessories, it is certainly a false promise, because No manufacturer will be free to exchange your parts outside the warranty period.


3, the overall quality of the horse. In order to attract customers for a long time, we must convince customers of your products. If there is a problem when turning customers into your stalls, they will certainly have an impact on customers. Your products are not good and affect Customers play in the mood, at the same time you will also lose some "old customers."


4, the choice of motor. This is the core of the whole transfer to the horse, if the motor does not meet the standard, unqualified, if a horse in accordance with the rated occupant fills, may not move, if forced to drive, the incidental result is a tire puncture, motor capacitance Burned down and other conditions, whether it is for customers or operators, is a very bad phenomenon, on the one hand will affect the customer's mood, on the other hand will bring you a significant repair costs and operating costs.


5, transmission link design. Whether it is on the transmission or the next transmission, transmission are second only to an important part of the motor, and this part of the core is the connecting rod, two rows of horse up and down all supportive forces are in the connecting rod, connecting rod part must Can adjust the imbalance when turning horses, so as to avoid the rod can not be adjusted due to broken.


6, the selection of rod cage. Matching with the connecting rod is a fixed rod bar cage, for this part we have two options, one is the use of a nylon sleeve with a sealing effect of the cast steel, one is the use of all cast steel parts Bearings-type rod cage. Only the oil-sealed nylon sleeve to save oil, play a lubricating effect, but after contact with a number of nylon sleeve manufacturers, there is no factory production of oil-sealed nylon sleeve, so to the entire transfer of horses reasonable operation, you must use all cast steel Bearing type bar cage, only the entire cast steel to ensure the cage one is not deformed, if it is welding parts, over time, there will be welded open welding deformation, so that the bar will be inclined, Even if the connecting rod has the adjusting function, it can not avoid the phenomenon of being broken; while the bearing type of the golf rod cage, due to the small contact area and the small friction force, the corresponding driving is very easy.


7, the analysis of paint to judge. Paint effect must be fresh, bright, light, FRP products at the factory, only the car paint can achieve such an effect, if the paint effect dull, rough work, less than half a year wind and sun, certainly fade, because Early work is not done, the late results must be poor. The decoration of a horse all lies in the FRP part, so this part must be refined, thin, bright.