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How to attract children for the outdoor playground
- Mar 09, 2018 -

The first is the terrain. The changing terrain allows children to be amazed by the fact that they roll, dive, slide, hide, etc., so the design can be used to enhance the existing elevation changes in the terrain, reducing the artificial terrain caused by fluctuations. If there is a sudden change in slope, consider using a terrain to design a slide. Flat ground can be used for sports grounds. Children prefer flats to open pavements more than adults, so that they can hop over them and chase each other.


Followed by the water body, the water body design of outdoor children's play equipment generally adopts the natural style. The natural shoreline and the revetment are the environments for the hands-on operation ability for children of all ages. The water can not be too deep, and it can be designed according to age or height. Different shades of pool to ensure children's safety.


Outdoor children's play equipment is best for the game facilities, all facilities must be based on safety first, training and exercise children's physical and adventurous spirit for the purpose. Most of the appliances are made of wood or metal pipe members, with rounded ends, smooth edges and corners, stable structures, and suitable scales.