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How the amusement rides respond to the weather change of summer?
- Jun 17, 2018 -

As the weather heats up in the summer, summer is coming. In the face of hot weather or thunderstorms, what should users of amusement equipment do in the summer to ensure normal profitability? Zhengzhou Black Lion Amusement today tells the users how to manage the amusement equipment to cope with the summer weather.


First of all, the summer sun is exposed, and the hot weather is mostly hot. For tourists who play amusement equipment, it is easier to accept the good shade and cool environment. Imagine that no one wants to sit in a steaming cockpit in a calming environment. Therefore, the amusement equipment operated in an outdoor environment should be built with a awning, so as to ensure the attendance rate of the equipment and thus increase profitability. Operating in an indoor environment requires a good ventilation environment for visitors, and air conditioning is required under certain conditions.


Then the biggest weather problem that bothers users in summer is the thunderstorm. People are rarely going out during thunderstorms, let alone playing in the playground. For users of amusement equipment, it is definitely a loss of money when it comes to thunderstorms. Things, if you encounter the long-term rainy season, it is even more bleak. For users who run indoor children's play equipment, the situation is slightly better, such as the large shopping mall, the business environment in the supermarket. So what should users who operate outdoor play equipment change their business conditions? Xiao Bian believes that a reasonable shelter should be built. What is a reasonable shelter? It is the construction of the shelter that extends beyond the equipment fence. It can provide visitors with shelter from rain, which can attract tourists to stay. Of course, lightning protection measures should be taken.


The weather is not under control, but the precautions for bad weather in summer can be done by manpower, so users should take precautions when dealing with children's play equipment to cope with the summer weather, so that they can operate better.