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Environmental has an important influence on the appeal of new amusement machine
- Mar 09, 2018 -

The new amusement equipment industry is in the stage of gradual development, and the potential for development is also great. However, in order to develop a good amusement equipment line, you must have a sufficient vision and a good business philosophy. The new amusement equipment in the country provides a general equipment life of 10 years, the service life is to see if you buy a qualified product produced by a regular manufacturer, as long as the proper maintenance, generally will not be damaged, it is important to see if it is not the regular manufacturers, Manufacturers have certificates issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for special equipment manufacturing licenses.


In China, new amusement equipment should still be in its infancy. It is characterized by a small number of playground equipment, a single device, and a small number of people who can participate in it. Many people are still unable to enjoy the fun of amusement equipment. It is very important to operate amusement equipment and the location is important; of course, there is also a need for good new amusement equipment suppliers.


In the amusement industry, especially the specific means of experiential project innovation, the combination of innovation is a relatively low-cost and easy-to-implement method. This includes not only the internal combination of different play items, but also the combination of water play items and land play items. Through the combination of new entertainment experience products, the new play equipment combination requirements are not only new, strange and comfortable, but also The function is reasonable and the functional areas are properly allocated.


Environmental ambience has an important influence on the attractiveness of leisure and entertainment projects. The environmental ambience generally involves two aspects: the environment is relatively old. For some new types of amusement equipment projects that have been used for a long time, the environment tends to be old, obsolete, and the overall atmosphere is gloomy. Many playgrounds with long operating hours have such problems, and innovation can be achieved by updating the environment.


For indoor amusement facilities where the use of new types of amusement equipment has a long service life, such as the ground, walls, and glass, it is possible to replace the floor tiles, paint the walls, rearrange the seats around the playground, and the free space in the playground. Design to enhance the overall environment, create a new play atmosphere, and achieve an overall update of the playground. The atmosphere is relatively monotonous. Many leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the overall environment to create, seem relatively monotonous. The new type of amusement equipment can combine the characteristics of the project itself to create a unique atmosphere and make people feel immersive.


For some amusement stimuli-type and viewing-experienced entertainment projects with a short life cycle, the elimination of hardware facilities is relatively fast, which requires constant updating of equipment. The new type of entertainment equipment update is not only replacing old ones with new ones, but also following the trend and continuously introducing new types of entertainment facilities


Provide enough space for children to create a relaxed, free mental environment for children. Let the children have fun in enough space games! New play equipment through scientific arrangements, with advanced play aids, so that children accumulate scientific common sense in play, learn to find problems, find ways of experience, and then solve the problem of ability. Give the child a free and harmonious space, a way of thinking to solve problems, a healthy and positive attitude, a calm and calm personality, a habit of benefiting one's life so that parents do not have to worry about their children's growth.