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Do not ride the amusement machine without safety insurance
- Apr 03, 2018 -

If you ask me what industry is making more money now,I will tell you it is  amusement equipment industrial. Children are home treasures and are full on holiday playgrounds. I do not know if everyone noticed it did not, and now many supermarkets, squares and temple fairs also have some amusement facilities. Children are happy to play, but the safety measures of these amusement facilities deserve our attention.


Many people in the amusement equipment industry naturally want to share their profits. It is understood that many amusement facilities in these squares and temple fairs are aimed at short-term profits. Operators are reluctant to invest too much money and equipment is not maintained and maintained by professional staff. Most of the amusement equipment is old equipment that has been eliminated from the playground, or shipped from other places. The short-term operating documents are not complete. Operators also lack safety awareness. The amusement equipment for squares and temple fairs are mostly trampolines and horses, etc. These equipment are simple to install and do not need foundations, and can be operated by flow. The advantages of the equipment are utilized. Children are only happy to play without self-protection, and adults do not understand amusement devices. Once the dangerous consequences can be disastrous. Therefore, if tourists want to play, be sure to go to a regular playground and privately install amusement equipment without security. The market supervision authority needs to increase its management. The amusement equipment with potential safety hazards is strictly prohibited and is responsible for the safety of the children.


Amusement equipment is mostly for children, and safety issues should not be underestimated. Mobile devices without security guarantees that homeowners should not take children to ride.