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Classification and Development Trend of Children's Play Machinery Products
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Through long-term analysis and research on customers and children's playgrounds in the market, we have found that customers in the current children's play market hope that they are ahead of other amusement projects in the industry, leading in the concept of amusement, leading in amusement, and content in amusement, and at the same time achieving revenue levels. Leading. The selection and positioning of amusement projects is more specialized, and for professional market customers, professional entertainment product content is selected. The pursuit of scale and the maximum content of amusement products, how to integrate the contents of amusement products in a limited space, make it a new attraction for children's playgrounds.


China's amusement equipment continues to advance from design to manufacturing, with more and more varieties. Children's play equipment is mainly categorized according to structure and form of exercise, ie, children's play measures and children's play with similar structures and forms of exercise. Equipment is grouped into categories, not by the names of children's play measures and children's play equipment.


Children's play equipment is mainly classified according to the structure and form of exercise. Each type of children's play facility and children's play equipment is named after a common and representative amusement facility, and the play facility is a basic type. For example, transformation of horse amusement facilitiestakes turning horsesas the basic type, and amusement facilities similar to the structure of transforming horsesand sports forms are classified as transmissions of horses.


According to the current variety of children's amusement facilities and children's play equipment, it will be divided into 15 categories, namely, trotting horses, scooters, gyros, flight towers, racing cars, self-controlled aircrafts, scenic vehicles, and small trains. Overhead tour buses, water rides, bumper cars, battery cars, bungee jumping, slides, ziplines. Indoor children's playground is to re-improvement of outdoor children's play equipment, will reduce the size, safety performance, make him more suitable for infants and young children to entertain.