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Black Lion Amusement equipment operation process
- Jun 12, 2018 -

What are the operational procedures for analyzing new amusement equipment? Each amusement equipment has a certain operation process, so what should be paid attention to when the new amusement equipment is operating?


1. Strict job training must be passed before starting work.

2. On-the-job personnel should be proficient in the business knowledge and operational skills of this position.

3. Safety inspections must be done before daily operation.

4, before the business test machine operation no less than two times, confirm that everything is normal, can only start business.


5. Introduce the rules of the ride, the control methods of the self-controlled aircraft and related precautions to the tourists. Visitors who do not meet the conditions of self-controlled aircraft are not allowed to participate in recreational activities.

6, guide visitors to the correct seat, no overcrowding, no eccentric load, fasten the seat belt.

7. Maintain the play order and discourage visitors from staying away from the security fence.

8. Before the power is turned on, first ring the bell to confirm that there is no danger before starting.

9. When the self-controlled aircraft is in operation, the operator is strictly forbidden to leave the post without permission.


10. Pay close attention to the dynamics of tourists and stop the unsafe behavior of individual tourists in a timely manner.

11. Check each load, auxiliary equipment and playground to ensure that it is neat, orderly, clean and free of potential safety hazards.

12. The safety distance of the guardrail around the equipment is 1 meter.

13. Make a record of the operation of the self-controlled aircraft on that day.

14. The environmental noise standard shall be implemented in accordance with GB3096.

15. The amusement park (field) has a reasonable layout, the environment is fresh and beautiful, and there is no high grass area and green abandonment area.