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Anticipate the future development of children amusement playgrounds?
- May 24, 2018 -

With the increase in the demand for children's amusement equipment in China, the manufacturing industry of amusement facilities in China has formed a scale, capable of producing various types of amusement facilities, independently developing new varieties, and exporting to foreign countries. From the point of view of manufacturers and operators, amusement facilities are moving toward high-altitude, high-speed, and more stimulating technologies, and their designs will be more beautiful and luxurious. At the same time, entertaining, dual-purpose technical training and science and education training will also be an important direction for future product development. From the point of view of the operator, that is, the franchisee, with the acceleration of the pace of life, people need to release the pressure of stressful life, and it is a good choice for the whole family and young people to participate in the pleasure process and enjoy their family happiness together. The children's paradise has a brighter future. Moving large and medium-sized equipment such as roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and jump-jumpers into indoor spaces can change the seasonal and holiday constraints of outdoor amusement parks and form an “all-weathersuper-large play center indoors. This is also another of the worlds and Chinas indoor amusement parks. A development trend.


If this trend is too far away, then combinational innovation is a low-cost, easy-to-implement method in the amusement industry. This includes the internal combination of different play equipment items, as well as the combination of water play items and land play items. By combining products that form a new leisure and entertainment experience, modern people prefer experience-based products with interactive functions. This requires that the amusement park operators must not only be novel, unique, and comfortable when they combine devices, but also must have reasonable functions and regional distribution.


Today, the ecology of China's indoor playground is characterized by fashion and culture as its core and consumer psychology is highly sensible. This is clearly reflected in the environment. Most of the indoor playgrounds are located in fashionable, high-end shopping malls or in the central area of the bustling city CBD, which more clearly reflects the consumer's demand for overall environmental consumer experience, including the overall layout of indoor playgrounds, the construction of entertainment environments, and various The organization of events, the launch of large, medium, and small amusement machinery and equipment. In addition, with the use of dolls and other special machines in the depth of the indoor playground, the selection, arrangement, and replacement of gifts need to be carefully planned. It is no longer a matter of direct placement of the machines for operation. This is all for indoor use. New requirements have been put forward for the layout, management level of the playground. For indoor children's parks with a long service life, aging of floors, walls, and glass, the overall environment can be enhanced through the replacement of floor tiles, painting of walls, re-arrangement of surrounding rest seats, and recreation of free spaces in amusement parks. A brand new play atmosphere to achieve an overall update of the amusement park.