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Amusement equipment purchase from the point of view of entertainment
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Investors can not blindly pursue "novelty, stimulation" and ignore the entertainment experience of tourists. For example, sports intense, relatively stimulating amusement equipment such as large roller coaster, big pendulum, space shuttle, etc. more suitable for young adults to play, while the movement relatively smooth, the operation of a limited height of the horse, bumper cars and other suitable for the vast majority of tourists, especially family travel tourists play. So amusement park in the purchase of amusement equipment must be based on the target group, reasonable configuration of different types of equipment.

At present, all kinds of amusement equipment performance difference is large, even by different equipment suppliers design and manufacture of the same type of amusement equipment, its performance is also different. Therefore, in the equipment modelling, should each supplier provide the amusement equipment, carries on the thorough investigation and the analysis.