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Amusement Equipment Manufacturing link, you know?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

In order to ensure the quality of amusement equipment, Shiqi amusement to remind customers after the purchase of products, must be on the production of amusement equipment manufacturing process monitoring, amusement equipment manufacturing quality control mainly includes the following links:

Raw materials and outsourcing parts into the factory acceptance, material cutting materials, important mechanical parts (such as shaft) processing, welding groove processing and group pairs, welding and welding inspection, parts assembly, machine assembly and commissioning. In these major processing links, in addition to the manufacturer in accordance with the Unit quality Assurance system documentation requirements for quality control, equipment buyers should participate in the manufacturing process of quality monitoring, can inspect the processing of the site conditions, operating environment, spot inspection process card, according to the process of operation and quality control, Especially for some concealed important parts of the force, in the completion of the closure, in the manufacturing unit on the basis of self-test, the closed area of the force structure of the supervision of the inspection, to promote the production unit to effectively control the main parts of the quality of the force.

Related to some important axis of the processing process, should focus on the shaft parts to check the chamfer status, to avoid the shaft processing due to the missing chamfering process, the shaft shoulder stress concentration causes the component to fail.

At present, because many buyers do not have to the manufacturer, production quality monitoring capacity, the purchaser can employ professional inspection and testing agencies to the amusement equipment manufacturing process supervision, to ensure large complex or expensive pleasure equipment manufacturing quality, control of the main components of the important manufacturing and key points of manufacturing quality, In the process of testing and testing, as well as the overall operation of the function and safety performance of the effective implementation.