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Amusement Equipment Maintenance Principle requirements
- Jan 24, 2018 -

1, "Special Equipment Safety Law" stipulates that special equipment use units of its use of special equipment should carry out their own testing and maintenance, the state-specific testing of special equipment should be timely declaration and acceptance of inspection. When the special equipment failure or abnormal situation, the use of units should be a comprehensive inspection, eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, before they can continue to use.

2, the regulations stipulates that the use of special equipment units should be in the use of special equipment to carry out regular day-to-day maintenance, and regular self inspection. Special equipment units in the use of special equipment for their own inspection and day-to-day maintenance of abnormal conditions, should be dealt with in a timely manner.

3, the registration and use of the rules of special equipment maintenance provisions: the use of units must strictly carry out special equipment maintenance system, clear the responsibility of maintenance, special equipment maintenance regularly, maintenance of special equipment must be held by the "Special Equipment Operator Qualification Certificate" personnel, The number of personnel should be appropriate to the workload; The unit does not have the ability to repair and maintenance, must entrust qualified units for maintenance. The entrusted Special equipment maintenance unit must sign the maintenance contract with the use unit and be responsible for the quality and safety technical performance of the maintenance. The use of units to undertake the maintenance of special equipment, the quality and safety technical performance of the maintenance shall be the responsibility of the use Unit, and the unit responsible for maintenance should be inspected and maintained in full responsibility for the special equipment encountered in one of the following situations: A, a natural disaster that may affect its safety and technical performance (e.g. fire, Water flooding, earthquakes, lightning, wind and so on); B, the occurrence of equipment accidents, C, stop using more than 1 years, after a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, completely eliminate the impact of safety hazards, before they can put into use. Special equipment for major overhaul must be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of overhaul. The above work should be recorded in detail.