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Amusement equipment factory teaches you to spend the cold season of amusement parks smoothly
- May 10, 2018 -

As we mentioned earlier, there is a peak season for the amusement park. We also discussed how amusement parks operate during the peak season; today we talk about another topic: how can amusement parks smoothly weather the off-season and the current cold temperatures? How do amusement parks adjust to the needs of the off-season? The amusement equipment manufacturer Amusement offers the following aspects for your amusement park to adjust and reference.


First of all, the adjustment of on-site amusement facilities, including machine zoning and independent location; safety investigation and maintenance of hidden dangers; in fact, before the winter maintenance of amusement equipment was also mentioned, many operators know that they should constantly check the lubricating oil and timely The addition, fixing of screws and nuts, rely on noise to identify fault sources and so on. These are necessary winter maintenance routines. However, in the cold season, especially in the outdoor play equipment that is operated by mechanical transmission, the mechanical and transmission parts may cause the friction of the bearing or the gear engagement part to increase due to the freezing of the lubricating oil, resulting in overload operation and causing malfunction. Such as insurance or motor burned, bearing, gear failure occurred. Therefore, the preparatory work before the operation is done every day, and the equipment is allowed to run for 10-20 minutes without the use of tourists, and the frozen oil is melted through the principle of heat generated by friction to reduce the friction generated during manned operation. force. For outdoor play equipment using hydraulic pump stations, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases due to the cold weather. The pump station is not operated or the operation is slow. The same method is required for maintenance. In the case of an air compressor, because the device compresses air while the air inside the air is likely to freeze the air outlet and the water discharge hole, it is necessary to open the water discharge hole first and then melt the water of the ice condensation through the external heating and heat it to the water discharge hole. Remove water droplets completely.


 Second, adjust incomplete amusement park labels and other advertising signs, and replace expired advertisements; estimate operating conditions based on relevant income and travel data, determine the increase or decrease of amusement facilities, and propose solutions; if the objective environment and factors have a certain effect Through the joint analysis of causes, employees' attitudes are strengthened, and their service awareness is enhanced; employees are trained, outstanding employees are promoted to other positions for training practice, and follow-up assessments are conducted regularly; follow-up and consolidation of original partners and new negotiations Cooperation models, such as bundling sales; organizing thematic activities with partners; adjustments on how to attract people and keeping them in the park; good service etiquette for training employees;


Finally, explore the repeated consumption of members and use novel methods to eliminate consumption depletion during peak hours, thereby stimulating the park's entertainment atmosphere; recommending the introduction of new elements and programs and giving strong praise. Do long-term cooperation projects and regular performances. It is best to provide gifts or expenses by other businessmen; cooperation with other agencies;