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6 strategies for the successful operation of theme parks
- May 25, 2018 -

As we all know, a successful amusement park has good design concepts, perfect theme packaging landscape, reasonable equipment selection, and some hardware facilities. The construction of operating software systems is also one of the most powerful success factors. Complete the theme park's marketing efforts to bring unexpected benefits?


A complete and unique marketing plan:

The competition in China's theme parks has become fierce. It requires a complete and unique marketing plan to build awareness, attract more tourists, and stand out from the competition. Marketing strategy planning should take different measures for the light season to win competitors, gain more market share, reduce equipment idleness, and increase operating income.


Second, advertising plan:

Advertising publicity is the first ring of marketing promotion. Almost all the theme amusement parks need to make an overall promotion plan every year, and have a corresponding advertising investment budget.

Advertising campaigns include filming of subject image advertisements, television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, television subtitling advertisements, digital signage advertisements, public transportation advertisements, and online advertisements. In the annual advertising plan, various advertising forms must be made. The most effective combination and use, and to assess the effectiveness of advertising, analysis, as the basis for adjusting the next quarter and annual advertising planning.


Third, festival promotion enrichment

Festivals are the best time for the whole family to travel. From the point of view of tourists' consumption structure, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumption accounts for 50%. They can take advantage of festivals to promote sales of goods or tickets, and they can also promote goods and catering beyond tickets. Consumption. Many festival promotions will definitely bring greater benefits to the theme park.


Fourth, marketing business development

Although theme parks and travel agencies often have joint marketing, they should also open their own marketing channels to do business marketing and development. The theme park is a very unique tourism product. He can easily package the product or combine it with other businesses to make his marketing business more extensive and marketing channels more accessible. For example, he can make strategic alliances with the railway bureaus, airlines, etc. to form a theme tour; he can also make combined marketing with shopping mall, so that when customers purchase goods, they can receive ticket coupons for the theme park, and the theme park is wonderful. The picture can also be widely disseminated in shopping mall; it can also be combined with a beverage company and is a product feature of its own, which is again spread through the marketing channels of beverages.

If the theme park develops to a certain scale, has a high quality and a good corporate image, it already has an intangible asset. We must make good use of this intangible asset, and combine the industry business with the development of related businesses. On the one hand, it can create image ads for the company and on the other hand, it can develop related derivative products.


Five. Travel Card and Membership Card Promotion

At present, the trend of leisure and holiday tourism is booming. Related businesses and tourism companies have begun to issue tourist concession cards. It is necessary to emphasize that cardholders or consumers must have a feeling of value for money. Otherwise, it will backfire and undermine corporate image. .


Six, light season discount promotions

The leisure industry, especially the amusement park type of industry, has a clear and busy season due to the weather and seasons. The theme parks can implement ticket discounts when their customer flow is low and equipment utilization is low, in order to attract tourists. Visitors come to the theme park with discounted tickets, but spending on dining, entertainment, or buying travel goods is not. Will definitely be reduced. This is also a marketing strategy to stimulate tourists’ desire to sell.

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