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2018 children's playground equipment prospects?
- May 29, 2018 -

With the development of the economy and the release of the two-child policy, the market for children's play equipment is getting bigger and bigger. How to seize the market and quickly grow bigger and stronger is a problem that every child amusement equipment operator pays close attention to. In China's unique national conditions, even if the two-child policy is liberalized, it will not change the situation in which several adults turn around with children, and there are few places for children to play safely, so the children's play equipment industry, whether it is from production or operation, Both belong to Chaoyang industry. According to statistics, children's consumption accounts for 35% of household consumption, while children's entertainment consumption accounts for 50% of children's consumption.


However, if there is no experience in amusement equipment industry, it is recommended not to invest blindly. First of all, we should truly understand the children's amusement equipment industry. The above mentioned the prospect of the entire industry is very good, but we are gradually developing the children's play equipment industry. Entering a mature period, the sign that an industry is entering a mature period is that the threshold for entry has increased, competition has become more and more encouraging, and now the children's play equipment industry is not the time to close your eyes.


So how to enter the children's play equipment industry? The first thing is to find a good venue, find a good venue, and find a good venue (three important things to say). Finding a good venue means half the battle. Although people's demand for amusement parks is just needed, they have obvious capacity. Generally speaking, there are 1 to 2 medium-sized amusement parks within a 10 km radius in a densely populated area. Excessive number of them can lead to intense competition. The end result is that everyone does not earn money. A reasonable plan to find a venue is a top priority in the business of the amusement equipment industry. If there is no good venue choice, you are advised to exercise caution.